Love session with Veronica and Robin

     They got married thursday october 9th, and the big wedding reception will be June 27th 2015... I can't wait to be there!!!!

    I know Veronica for a long time and when I met Robin and saw them so happy together I knew they found LOVE. So when she told me they're going to get married I was so happy for them! I was planning all the photography session, telling her about how beautiful the photos will be, and what we could do, and where... and I was so exited that I forgot to ask her if I could be her photographer... lol

   They came all the way from East Orange (New Jersey) to Montreal the day after their wedding and we celebrate their love, on thanksgiving weekend, with all their canadian friends!  It was the best way to celebrate!

   Thanks for all the love, trust, and happiness you bring to my life! I love you guys!


Here's some photos and a quick video of the shoot!


And here's the video!