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Ladies, give yourself the gift of self confidence, empowerment and overall badassery this year. 

Gentlemen, the woman in your life is going to LOVE a day of pampering including professional hair and makeup and a luxurious photo shoot.'re going to love the results too!


It doesn't matter if you're young or old, skinny or curvy, or have acne & scars. If you have never fallen in love with your body before, now it’s the time.

Let go of your fear, forget about your flaws,  embrace your “imperfections” that make you unique. Boudoir pictures aren't about seducing someone, but they are celebrating the beautiful woman you are. Thinking you could never look like one of the women on this page? Let me show you!

Think again - 90% of the women here had never done a photo shoot before, and I will guide you through it. I will take care of you.

No pressure: if you don’t like your experience, we will give you your money back.

Do it for yourself, or do it as a gift to give your significant other; the reason really doesn't matter - just do it!


The woman behind the camera

I love people who hate pictures of themselves!

I am looking for what's best in you, what everyone sees except you, and prove it on paper, so that you see yourself, sometimes for the very first time. Beauty exists in each and every one of us. Let me show you yours.


what clients say…


"I am so thankful to have met Gaelle. During my photo session, she made me feel comfortable and put a lot of care into her work. The experience of having a makeover while sipping on some champagne, listening to music, getting to wear my favourite clothes, and posing for the camera was so much fun. In the end I received so much more than nice photos of myself, I got a real confidence boost and felt truly beautiful in my own skin. "    -    Sara.


" Dans la vie, il y a des fées qui ont le pouvoir magique de tout métamorphoser, le monde comme les gens. Gaëlle en fait partie. Sa démarche, pleine de sensibilité et d'écoute, toujours personnalisée, vous met en confiance et fait ce ce moment une expérience inoubliable. Vous en retirerez bien plus que de magnifiques clichés. Ce qu'elle vous propose de vivre est plus profond et durable : elle vous fait surtout prendre conscience de toutes les raisons que vous avez de VOUS aimer, de vous trouver belle et d'être fière de ce que vous êtes. Et ça, ça n'a pas de prix."   -  Anne-Sophie

If years ago you would've asked me do you feel beautiful? Do you like this picture? I would've found every fault I saw in myself even though everyone would tell me differently. I see me! I see my struggles, my strength, my growth, and most importantly my confidence in me! Smile through the dark and the light, I know I wouldn't be the same person today if it weren't for my experiences in life! 
Love and be you, there is only one life to live and so much to give! Choose to give yourself love, we are all beautiful in our own ways! - Melissa

Gaëlle Vuillaume Portraits

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