The 50+ and Fabulous Project

in collaboration with Pink in the City

Share your thoughts about beauty. Inspire others. Make a difference.


I have a dream that every woman will look in a mirror and sees how beautiful she truly is. I have a dream that she can experience self love, acceptance, and value herself. I have a dream that our young women will stop to compare themselves to magazine's covers and stop thinking they need to have the perfect body, perfect skin, perfect hair to be beautiful.

I deeply believe every woman is beautiful, regardless of their age, size, curves. I want YOU to be the voice of beauty wisdom for our girls. I want YOU in front of my camera, experience your true beauty, and sharing your thoughts in a small text that will be publish in a book, with your photo. 

This book will feature 50 portraits and texts of 50 women age 50 and +. Its goal is to inspire young women, raise awarness about what true beauty is, stop the misconception we have about being perfect. I want it to be the voice of beautiful women to others beautiful women.

I need your help. Please.


What's next ?

You will experience a photoshoot with me, in my studio, including professional hair and makeup. You'll be a top model for a day, in a Vanity Fair style magazine look. I will guide you through the process so you do not have to worry about anything.

You will choose one image from your shoot and write a small text about your vision of beauty. The book will be released in September. All the benefits will go to Pink in the City for Breast Cancer research.

If you're the kind of woman who thinks she's not photogenic, tshe doesNN,t look good on picture, do not like pictures... you're the one I want to photograph the most! Just to proove you different! ;)

What do you have to loose?

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